Budapest Workshop on Philosophy and Technology 2023

About BudPT21 Program Publication Venue


A peer-reviewed open access journal issue will be compiled from the topics presented at the Workshop. The deadline for submission will be about two months after the workshop so that feedback can be incorporated into the paper. The venue for publication will be "Information Society".

The journal Information Society (In Hungarian: Információs Társadalom, abbreviated as InfTars), ISSN: 1587-8694, established in 2001, aims to provide a venue for research and discussion of the theories and applications of Information Society Studies.

InfTars achieves this goal by re-publishing the most profound and impactful works of the field in Hungarian, as well by providing a venue of dissemination for a community of researchers of the discipline. With the first English issue, the horizon of the journal is vastly expanding.

Both Web of Science Social Sciences Citation Index and Scopus indexes the journal and all titles are automatically submitted to Crossref. The journal is published by Infonia Foundation and the publishing house Gondolat.

The Budapest Workshop on Philosophy of Technology will provide the material for one or more 2022 issues of InfTars. The participants of the workshop are not mandated to submit a paper to the journal eventually, and the papers submitted will have to pass peer review successfully before publication.